Blogs we're loving ....


We love finding and sharing new blogs and information to help reach our lifestyle goals. Whether you're a teacher, student or beginner these blogs are sure to help you on your yoga journey!

Daily Cup Of Yoga offers insights from yoga & fitness to technology such as apps and games.

One of our favourite posts this year is ‘how to support your students' wellbeing during COVID 19” in line with the ‘How are you really?’ movement. This focuses on the responsibilities we have as a community to look out for each other and states some ways you can go about doing that.

They have a short and straight to the point style of blogging which makes it easy to read whilst on the go.


Curvy yoga offers a body-positive informative blog, great for giving confidence to beginner yogis or people who are contemplating starting yoga. 

This blog focuses on celebrating your body, sharing some great tips and tricks on how to do this whilst taking the pressure off and finding your zen.

The Curvy Yoga Studioalso has FREE videos with targeted flows and minimal equipment.
One of our favourite quotes from them is:
               "Curvy Yoga Practice starts on your yoga mat because yoga isn’t part of a 'fix yourself' paradigm but rather a 'know yourself' paradigm."

Developed for children, Little Flower Yoga gives resources for both mindfulness and yoga practice to do with the little ones in your lives. 

Their aim is to help "children to thrive in school and out, be engaged in their lives and ready to learn", with insightful content on the benefits of teaching children mindfulness and yoga as well as fun activities. Little Flower Yoga is a great blog for the whole family to benefit from.


Dr Chelsea Jackson Roberts has a blog feature called Yogis in the community where people from all backgrounds explain their path to yoga and how they came to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into their daily lives.

This blog is a more personal read and covers the many different hurdles people overcome to realise that they can do yoga to, it focuses on current issues of diversity in the yoga community whilst sharing some wonderful stories of those who have found love and light in yoga.


Yoga Trail Academy is perfect for those who aim to make a living from teaching yoga and mindfulness. 

With an abundance of resources to help grow your business along with teaching tips and tricks - you might find something you hadn’t already.

From teaching online classes to tips for both teachers and student's Adam Hocke has an abundance of content to help develop your practice. 

His conversations with yoga professionals and other wellness bloggers, along with detailed youtube video's will be sure to help you in your yoga journey.

Whilst this blog offers a lot of free content, you can also book online yoga classes and workshops with Adam Hocke starting from £10.

Movement For Modern Life blog is also a detailed account with information about yogic principles, online classes, at-home retreats and lifestyle content. 

You do have to sign up for most of the yoga focused content on this one. We do enjoy the variety of teachers, topics covered along with challenges available help improve yoga at home.

We also liked the convenience of having access to varied yoga flows in your own home at this time of uncertainty. 


You can also access a variety of talks and dedicated flows via their youtube for free if you prefer to watch than read.