Brand Ambassador - Kate McKenzie

About Kate

I first discovered Shakti Shanti while in Zimbabwe and fell in love. Later, my partner was performing in Cape Town I gave him firm instructions to get to the nearest Shakti Shanti boutique and buy as many clothes as he could carry!

Here is a picture of me wearing my first beloved Shakti Shanti top from that initial spree. I adore a halter neck, though I couldn't have imagined that I would feel so supported and secure in one during yoga. I simply love this top.

I always feel kind of hugged when I wear Shakti Shanti and a bit special. The colours and materials are wonderful. My style is to wear clothes for yoga and layer on top for life off the mat, Shakti Shanti clothes are perfect as they are current and stylish and it's great  to be able to practice and then walk right out into your day or evening. 

I've just returned from a trip to South Africa and while there went to visit the founder of Shakti Shanti, the most inspirational and dynamic Maria. We did an impromptu photo shoot based on the elements, shot by amazing photographer Sacha Parks.

Kate McKenzie has been a yoga teacher for 20 years and a dedicated yoga practitioner for more than 30. She is a qualified Hatha and Kundalini yoga teacher and has studied Vinyasa flow and Iyengar forms of yoga, which she integrates into her unique format.

Kate offers retreats throughout the world and has created online courses available on the teaching platform Udemy

Kate is passionate about creativity and well being and has performed and sung professionally all her adult life. She loves to explore the map of the chakras and through yoga, sound healing and play, empower people to reach their true potential. Kate has released two CD's of contemporary relaxation music and has a new EP out called 'Golden' which you can hear on Spotify and Apple music and now at Live Events!