How to Find your centre for mental wellbeing

Find your centre to keep at peace and feel good.

There are many different ways to describe your centre, making it a little bit confusing.Your centre is essentially you at your calmest, most present state of mind and body.

This means:

  • You are aware of your emotions, thoughts and movements.
  • You acknowledge and accept them for what they are.
  • You feel in control of this energy.

This process aims to bring you into the conscious state of mind and is a great way ro start your day. Sometimes you may feel anxious, panicked or just be having an off day. Finding your centre is a great way to gain control over these feelings.


Step 1: Get Comfy

If possible, get into some comfy clothes. This could be your favourite jumper or pyjamas, whatever feels comforting to you.

Find yourself somewhere comfortable to sit, some people prefer to sit on the edge of their bed with feet touching the floor. This contact with the floor gives a sense of grounding. Alternatively you can take up Sukhasana Pose, sitting on the floor with legs crossed and this together or simply lie down.

Step 2: Focus On Your Breath

Close your eyes and concentrate on just simply breathing in and out, let any thought pass through you mind - if your mind wanders, acknowledge it and come back to the breath. Begin breathing more deeply, using your diaphragm to draw air all the way down into your lungs. If you can can breathe into your lungs and belly.

Tip: Count with your breath. Inhale for four seconds and exhale for four seconds, this will help you get into a rhythm.


Step 3: Your Centre

Maintaining your posture, locate your physical centre of gravity. This is usually visualised as approximately two inches below your navel. Feel the movement at this centre of gravity as you inhale and exhale, continue to concentrate on your centre by breathing in and out deeply five times.

Tip: When you begin to feel stressed, come back to this point of centre and remind yourself you are balanced and in control.

Step 4: Redirect your energy

Notice yourself stabilising and feeling grounded. Imagine energy washing in and out of you with each breath. Focus this energy towards a positive affirmation, a goal you would like to achieve or something you are grateful for.

It is best to practise this process often in order to maintain a strong connection with yourself.

Step 5: Don’t Pressure Yourself

If you find it hard to concentrate on your breath or you don’t feel as connected to yourself as you’s like, it’s okay! You can always try again another time.